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Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Lawn fertilization | Which lawn fertilizer to use?

A good gardener knows the importance of good fertilizer or compost. Knowing which fertilizer best suits your lawn needs will help you maximize its growth. There are many types of lawn fertilizers on the market and in order to choose the right fertilizer you need to understand the difference between each and know your type of grass and soil.

What is fertilizer?

Fertilizer is a substance that can be organic or inorganic (mineral) which is used to improve the quality of the soil and provide the nutrients and minerals needed for crops and plantations.

Despite the fact that fertilizers allow the fertilization of the soil, it is necessary not to use them in excess, because they can be toxic and modify the level of acidity present in the soil.

The different types of lawn fertilizer

Fertilization is an effective way to prevent damage from disease and pests and minimize the maintenance of your lawn. It's all well and good, but what type of fertilizer should you use?

There are three different types of fertilizers:

  • Starter fertilizer. This type of fertilizer is quickly absorbed by plants, but has short-term effectiveness. It promotes the growth of the lawn because this has a high nitrogen content. Its use is recommended after seeding.
  • Slow release fertilizer. Fertilizers of this type have short and medium-term effectiveness (about 10 weeks). It's a good choice of fertilizer if you want your lawn to grow faster and be denser.
  • Long-term fertilizer. As its name suggests, it has long-term effectiveness. Its use is recommended for healthy lawns, which show few signs of deficiency. You can apply it once a year to meet the nutritional needs of your lawn.

The benefits of fertilization

Not all types of soil provide the necessary nutrients for the lawn. In addition, over time, nutrient storage decreases. Natural grass consumes a lot of energy and is very sensitive to the lack of nutrients.

The use of fertilizer is a very important cultural practice in the maintenance of your lawn coupled with good watering and proper mowing. Here are the benefits of fertilization:

  • It helps avoid problems of deficiencies (yellowing and weakness of the lawn) or excess nitrogen (burns).
  • It stimulates root growth 
  • It reduces nitrogen loss by washing and it minimizes contamination of groundwater due to excess nitrates.
  • It improves the resistance of the lawn against attacks by pests and diseases.
  • The continuous mowing to which the grass is subjected requires a correct supply of nutrients to help it recover.
  • It compensates for the loss of nutrients caused by filtration, volatilization and the grass's own consumption.
  • It helps reduce and control weeds.

What type of fertilizer should you use?

There is no magic fertilizer. The type of fertilizer to use depends on the type of soil and the nutrient requirements of your lawn. With the change of seasons, the needs of your lawn change so you have to choose different types of fertilizers.

In early spring, the use of a nitrogen-rich fertilizer is recommended to ensure vigorous growth. In the fall, it is best to use a potassium-rich fertilizer to prepare the lawn before winter arrives.

You've probably noticed that fertilizers are identified by the letters "NPK", which represent nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Depending on the needs of your lawn, choose a fertilizer with a higher or lower content for each element.

If you are not sure which fertilizer is best for your lawn, contact Vertdure and one of our specialists will do a soil test to determine the best fertilizer.

How often should you fertilize?

We recommend fertilizing 4 times during the summer to provide the essential elements to your lawn and stimulate its growth.

When is the best time to fertilize?

The best times to apply fertilizer on your lawn are May, June, July and August/September.

Vertdure's packages

Vertdure offers different lawn care packages to exceed your expectations and ensure the health of your lawn. All of our packages include the application of specially-formulated fertilizer adapted for the season, calcium treatments, control of lawn weeds and insect pests (if needed) and much more.

Don’t hesitate to contact Vertdure if you have any questions regarding the fertilization of your lawn or if you would like more information about our services. With over 30 years of experience in the sector, the maintenance of your lawn is in good hands with Vertdure!