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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

How to water the lawn?

Your lawn needs water, oxygen, light, and nutrients to grow healthy. Lawn care helps ensure that your grass receives the necessary intake of these elements and limits the apparition of unwanted weeds.

Water is necessary for the proper development and maintenance of the lawn. It gives the lawn elasticity and allows it to develop a certain resilience against insects, environmental factors, etc.

Abundant and spaced irrigation promotes root development by increasing its resistance, while shallow and frequent irrigation weakens it and makes it vulnerable to disease.

What is the amount of water my lawn needs to grow properly?

Lawns need about 2.5 cm (1 inch) of water per week, including rainfall. With a sprinkler, it usually takes 2 hours in the same area to obtain 2.5 cm of water. You have to water your lawn enough so that the water reaches the roots. Abundant watering allows the roots to grow deep into the soil, making your lawn more drought-tolerant and resistant to winter freezing. It is preferable to water less often, but for longer periods of time!

The amount of water to be applied will be determined by several factors such as the humidity in the soil at that time, the retention capacity of the soil and the drainage capacity. Vertdure has been specializing in lawn treatment in Quebec for more than 30 years, if you have any questions, click here and we will be happy to help you.

When is it recommended to water the lawn?

The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning before sunrise. If you water it in the evening it could cause the appearance of fungi and if you water it during the day, the water will evaporate under the heat of the sun.

What are the different ways to water your lawn?

There are two ways to water the lawn: by hand with a garden hose or with an automatic watering system.

Manual watering

Manual watering can be done if you have a lawn of less than 100 m² and if you have a variety of grass that does not require a large volume of water. The disadvantage is that you will have to spend several hours doing this activity and the irrigation will not be uniform because there will be areas that will receive more and less water.

Automatic irrigation system (sprinkler system, etc.)

Irrigation systems offer a series of benefits, which will allow you to make more efficient use of water. For larger areas, it is recommended to install an automatic irrigation system. With this system, you will be able to:

  • Water during the period of time you want and when you want
  • Control the level of irrigation, which will allow you to make water savings
  • Distribute water evenly over the entire surface
  • Save time and money

How can inappropriate irrigation affect my lawn?

On the one hand, excessive watering damages the soil structure for the following reasons:

  • It compacts and hardens the soil, preventing root growth. It does not allow adequate aeration of the soil or adequate drainage of the water which causes the roots to be exposed to too much moisture.
  • It causes the elimination of nutrients. If you water your lawn too much, the soil will become sandy and will contain fewer nutrients.
  • Moisture caused by excess water promotes the development of pests and fungi.

On the other hand, insufficient watering will result in the following consequences:

  • If your lawn begins to run out of water, the color of your grass will turn darker and the grass blades will fold inward.
  • If the grass runs out of water for longer, it will turn yellow. Its density will decrease and it will not grow at the expected speed.
  • If there is little irrigation for a long period of time, the grass will dry up and eventually it will stop growing and die.

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