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Thursday, 19 December 2019

How to get rid of crabgrass?

Annual weeds and other grass types can be treated with chemical and non-chemical methods. Using proper cultural practices is ideal for preventing weed infestations. This is especially true to control and get rid of crabgrass since it is a weed that, although it lives and dies within the same year, seems to spread forever and cause lasting consequences. In this article, we will cover the following topics:

1. What is crabgrass?

2. How can you prevent a crabgrass infestation?

3. How do you get rid of crabgrass?

What is crabgrass?

Crabgrass is a broad-leaved weed. It is an annual green plant that grows during the spring and summer. Its germination occurs when the soil temperature reaches between about 12 and 18 °C at a depth of 3 inches below the ground for 5 consecutive days. Controlling a crabgrass problem can be complex since a single crabgrass plant can produce up to 150,000 seeds during the growing season. In addition, crabgrass seeds that have not germinated can stay up to 30 years in the soil before germinating.

Once the germination of the seeds is complete and the plants emerge, mowing your lawn will not solve the problem. Unfortunately, crabgrass can produce seeds even when your grass is cut as low as 1/2 inch in height, which is much lower than the recommended healthy mowing height. For effective control, you have to prevent the seeds from transforming into seed-producing plants.

How can you prevent a crabgrass infestation?

It is essential to prevent the crabgrass germination of the hundreds of thousands of seeds that are potentially residing in your lawn. To do this, it is important to provide the ideal growing conditions for your lawn. First, make sure you mow your lawn at the ideal mowing height. Aeration and overseeding can also reduce the presence of this grass. Finally, your lawn should receive the right amounts of nutrients.

If you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to contact Forever Green, we’ve been specializing in lawn treatment since 1987.

How do you kill crabgrass?

If the seeds have already germinated and the germs have emerged, the use of herbicides will be necessary to kill existing plants in active growth before they can produce more seeds. Because crabgrass is a grass, most herbicides and lawn fertilizers will not usually kill it. You will need to use a selective post-emergence herbicide.

When using herbicides, be sure to follow the directions as well as the safety precautions on the product to ensure the protection of pets, children, and adults.

In order to prevent or control and get rid of crabgrass, call the experts of Forever Green. By entrusting your lawn to our team of experts, you will get visible results and you will have the green and healthy lawn that you have always wanted.

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